Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Warwickslade restoration

Back to Warwickslade Cutting (as was) today, after yesterdays downpour the stream overflowed it's margins to flood large areas of it's surrounding woodland. I walk the forest often and over the years have seen this area change through the restoration process, though it's changed so much that at times it can be difficult to orientate myself.  It struck me, that if you'd not walked here for 10 years (or so), even if before you knew the area well, you'd probably be at a loss to orientate yourself. The woodland wet with standing water (some deep), a stream runs through, though where exactly you can always be sure, the woodland environ is lush and green, and the everything's alive; it really wasn't like that before. As the old meandering watercourses are restored and the woodland returns to its wetter 'bog woodland' nature, you get a hint of how wild and inhospitable an environment it must have been in ages past when the weather was against you. Today though, it was just stunning.

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