Monday, 26 June 2017

Avon Water restoration

They're doing more river restoration on Avon Water. Avon Water was another one of the forests really straight 'drains'. When the kids were young we used to don old cloths and wade up its length, ducking and climbing a variety of fallen or half sunken trees and branches, like a wet obstacle course.  They've already restored a lengthy section of the stream between the A35 at Holmesley Tea Rooms and the path which runs under the second old railway bridge, and it's looking all the better for it. All the works to date have been done very sympathetically, naturalizing quickly and encouraging an explosion in diversity. Its restoration to it's old course is also more aesthetically pleasing too, meandering where it should; luckily the pre-straightening and cutting course of the stream was still defined through the adjoining woodland.  If it's the same crew and the current works are carried out to the same standard (as it looks like) give it 5 years and you'll never know the stream ever flowed elsewhere.

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