Thursday, 8 June 2017

Slip sliding away

As the recent past slips from memory, so its physical remnants slip too.  These humble concrete slabs, passed by many daily, mostly ignored, their pasts on the whole unknown, are slowly making their way down the cliff side, sinking through the beach pebbles to disappear under the waves into oblivion. I understand that during World War 2 there was a gunnery range here, if you look, on some of the slabs you can see where the gun mounts were. And, occasionally I've even found badly decayed .303 cases on the lower sections of cliff. Though soon nothing will be left to see, nothing to prick the imagination and then the site will be gone, erased from the archaeological record and memory.  It makes me wonder how many other sites have gone this way over the centuries; more than you'd think, I'd imagine. 

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