Saturday, 17 June 2017

MOTA Music of the Andys @ Unit 23 Totnes 17.6.2017

Excited, car packed with camping gear, we made our way west to the picturesque town of Totnes, down in Devon, and to the excellent Unit 23 venue, in order to see the magnificent Here and Now Band, supported by the equally magnificent Music of the Andys. We'd been to Unit 23 back in March to see Gong and Magic Bus supported by The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (what a top evening that was), though arriving only shortly before the gig we had no time to explore the town. Today we arrived in plenty of time allowing us time for a good look around, what a lovely town, full of character, good pastries and cake.  After a lazy afternoon milling about it was off to unit 23 for the evenings entertainment. First up, Music of the Andys. If you've not heard the Music of the Andys you've been missing out, and if you have, then you'll understand our excitement at seeing them again was well placed. As has become their style, the 'Andys' gifted us a unique and entrancing set of psychedelic trance. 'Andience' is how the band describes their sound. Andy Roger, keyboard wizard and professor of synth-tastic sounds, looking studiously out from his nest of wires and gizmo’s, laid down a solid foundation of deeply layered hypnotic beats and spaced out sounds, creating a rich flowing sound-scape through which Andy Burrows deftly thread some wonderful noodled guitar, not just noodling, mind, Andy 'B' uses his guitar in a bewildering range of ways to create a plethora of mind melting sounds, and has a whale of a time doing so, by the look of it. Together the 'Andys' created a wonderful musical universe to become lost in, and the audience were loving it, shuffling throughout and showing their appreciation noisily at the end of each track.  We first saw Music of the Andys last year and they were good, though over the last year their sound has grown exponentially, deeper and more layered, producing a tight style which easily moves from the heavy trancey drone of tracks like the 'the Banger' to the more drifty meditative trance flavours of 'the Goose of Perception'. And, each time we've heard these tracks, they've evolved in some way from the last performance, each time they have slightly different aspects and qualities to them, 'Andience' is clearly fluid.  What a splendid start to proceeding, another stellar performance, bravo, Music of the Andys!

Music of the Andys have a couple of tracks available on Bandcamp, check them out; with any luck there'll be an album at some point. 

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