Sunday, 5 March 2017

Up above the streets and houses

The weather was interesting today. When the sun came out it was really lovely, illuminating the landscape as if spring had come calling, though this was only ever out fleetingly. Then before you knew it, the winds drove the clouds back obscuring the sun, bring with them rain and hail. Then there were the moments when it rained as the sun shone, a foxes riddle and a monkeys dance as my old mother used to say; I don't know why, she was a bit bonkers. At these moments of weather transition rainbows formed. I was looking at one such rainbow over Ober Water towards Rhinefields Sandy's when I noticed that the rainbow passed in front of the trees of the enclosure, and by shifting my position slightly I could see where the ends touched down. I don't remember ever seeing a rainbow like that before; I got quiet excited. I also made a note of where the ends of the rainbow were, just in case.

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