Friday, 3 March 2017

The Greek Theatre 'Broken Circle'

I came across 'The Greek Theatre' through Mega Dodo Records and what a stroke of luck, because I found a gem of an album. At the core of The Greek Theatre are song writers Sven Froberg and Fredrik Persson hailing from Stockholm Sweden, they along with supporting musicians have created a fantastic softer folky end of the spectrum psychedelic joy...'Broken Circle'. Every track on Broken Circle is perfect, filled with interesting nooks and crannies for your ears and mind to explore. The duo are clearly influenced by the late 60's, with a good helping of the early 70's, that doesn't mean the sound's dated, it isn't. There's a real contemporary feel to it especially the vocals, although when the harmonies kick in your clearly leaning towards late 60's west coast, which is no more evident than on Ruby-Khon, a short plinky plonky guitar number with delicate out there vocals. My favourite track on Broken Circle is 'Paper Moon' an upbeat yet dreamy track with soft psychedelic pop flavours. There are heavier number too, well, not still not that heavy, overall it's an upbeat, though mellow album.  It should be a massive hit with folk who dig this end of psychedelia (that's me that is, and it is), that said, take this back to 1970 and I'm certain people would go wild for it. Maybe that just makes it timeless. Whatever, it's a great album, made up of well crafted songs performed by high calibre musicians. Love it!

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