Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Rhinefields Sandys

Walking near Rhinefields Sandy's enclosure I noticed the gate was open, and couldn't resist going in. Rhinefields Sandy's was a place we used to enjoy walking, it's one of the places we walked our older children when they were young, it was the place our eldest said his first word, on a chilly winters day, with the winds swaying the coniferous canopy, he said 'tree'. Not too many years later the woodland was enclosed by 3m high deer fencing and the access gates locked, and so it has been for over fifteen years. I think they'd been doing some thinning out and forgotten to close up. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed the access. The main path remained quite clear, narrowed by encroaching growth, but clear. Whereas some of the other paths had all nut disappeared, like the one in the picture, which used to be a broad forestry track, though now is hardly recognizable. Nature will regain her dominance quickly if left to her own devices. It was nice to walk there again.

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