Friday, 10 March 2017

The Neighbourhood Strange

A nice surprise to return home to after a damp walk under sullen skies. The latest 7'' waxing from Salisbury's premier psychedelic garage combo, The Neighbourhood Strange. A nice high grade cardboard sleeve with a colourfully tripped out cover houses a quality heavy weight vinyl. This second single is a double 'A' sider of glorious 60's infused psychedelia, and complements nicely their earlier release. Both tracks are organ heavy, guitar driven numbers with tight drumming, though both very different. The A side's 'let's get high' is quite a dancey number with a cellar club feel to it, great organ and jangly guitar give this track a really nice groovy feel to it, great vocals too. You can help but move to it. The AA side 'One last chance' has a slower feel to it, a lamenting number with an appropriately heavier feel to it, there's a heavier garage guitar sound on this one and some tidy drumming, again nice organ and vocals. Very happy with it. Thing is, listening to it just makes you want more, I want to hear what an album would sound like...bloody good I'd imagine. If not an album, at least an EP. Anyway, don't take my word buy a copy here

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