Monday, 23 January 2017

Owl Tree

In a part of Burley Old enclosure is a stand of larch, amongst which, sited in majestic isolation is this decaying hulk of a tree. It has been in a state of decay for as long as I can remember it, at least 20 years. I first noticed it whilst walking through on a evening walk, I might have passed it bye unawares if I hadn't been attracted to it bye an owls hoot.  Searching the tree I saw the owl perched high on the stump of a broken bough, surveying its domain. I remember watching, thrilled, it's always a buzz watching natures wonders. I'd imagine the wizened leviathan makes an ideal hunting station.  Of course, eventually I disturbed it, and it was away, lost from view in the maze of trunks. I saw an owl at that tree for several years after, and though I've not seen one for ages that doesn't mean that they don't perch there still, just that I've not seen them.  

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