Thursday, 12 January 2017

First moon

First full moon of the year, therefore, first full moon fire of the year. I didn't think I'd get to have one tonight, the weather being as grim as it was, rain and sleet lashing down all day. Then with nightfall came clearing skies and by about 2030 the moon shone brightly in clear rich blue sky, with only the occasional loose cloud floating by. Still bloody cold, mind! So I whipped the trap off the fire pit and kindled a fire. It was slow going at first, some rain had got to my kindling, though with perseverance the fire grew, up to the point I made a rookie mistake and poked the young fire about, and then spent an age coaxing it back to life. Stupid move, and a move I should know better than to make.  Fire and light re-established I sat quietly under a radiant moon, I'd decided on no music tonight and so was left with my thoughts. The focal point of the fire is an aid to concentration, allowing to follow chains of thought more easily.  Of course, every now and again my drifting thoughts would be disturbed by the sounds of nocturnal activity, human and animal. I didn't mind though, I enjoy listening, imagining what's going on, it's nice to let your mind wander into the realms of imagination. Tonight's sounds were distant cars, barking dogs, the occasional owl and muffled conversations as people passed by.  It's nice just to listen to life going about its business. We used to have some Turkish neighbours who'd always on the phone talking loudly and excitedly, of course I could understand a word, but loved the rhythms of their conversations. I miss their evening calls. Tonight's moon and fire was a good start to the year.

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