Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Always with the racism

So, racism's on the rise you think, and of course you're right (no pun intended), there's no doubt that that ugly side of our human condition is gaining dominance once again, the EU referendum was fought and won on an overtly racist/nationalist platform, the papers sell on race/religion hate and people feel again empowered to voice their ill informed opinions on 'immigrants' at the drop of a hat. You can see the years of built up frustration born of the 'pc' years. It's worrying, without a doubt, but it's nothing new, racism rears its ugly head when times are hard, people are scared and governments need scapegoats. We just need to stay resolute in our opposition to it. Back in the 70's it was just as bad, if not more so than now. That said, I think we're moving swiftly back to that 70's mentality and morality on this topic and more, where casual racism was acceptable, funny even (there were always jokes), if you're white that is. Another example of how the politics of the present is dragging back into the past. Back in the 70's it was the National Front, the NF were fore runners to the likes of the BNP, EDL and Britain First. Just as misguided, just as potentially dangerous. You had two choices as a kid in the 70's, no, three choices: be a racist and align yourselves with the NF, oppose racism and join the ANL (Anti Nazi League) or just look the other way. Max, Ray and Steve, who added NF to their graffiti clearly took the first option. This piece of graffiti, along with a similar piece nearby are clearly from the 70's, dated by the nature of the scaring and the association, the conjoined NF. I'd thought (or rather hoped) that we'd seen off the racists, or at least sent them scurrying marginalized into the shadows, but it appears they're back with a vengeance, like dark Obi-wans, strike them down a come back stronger than we could possibly imagine.  

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