Saturday, 28 January 2017

Magic Bus @ The king Arthur, Glastonbury 28.1.2017

For the first time this year the fabulous Magic Bus pulled into Glastonbury to perform at that venerable establishment, The King Arthur. And, it would have been rude not to step on board.

Magic Bus are the grooviest of bands, comprised of excellent musicians who have a very pleasing sound, steeped in psychedelic, folky, prog, rock flavours, they also do a lovely line in harmonies too. They've certainly got late 60's early 70's running through them like Brighton through rock.  I love 'em. I really dig that 70's sound and to hear it played with contemporary flourish is a real treat.  You see, the 'Bus' (no one calls them that) aren't period re-enactors they're creating not copying, creating upbeat progressive psychedelic music for the now, and doing a bloody good job. Singer/songwriter Paul Evans pens some masterful psychedelic ditties with flavours of vintage south east England blended with summer of love sun drenched west coast America, Paul's got the voice to do them credit too. Combined the band produce some top shelf harmonies to drift off smiling on. As usual Jay Darlington looks as cool as a cucumber sat relaxed behind his incense fuelled keyboards (I assume they were incense fuelled, he did burn some nice incense this evening, it was either that or magic), man, does he get some sweet sounds out of those keys or what. I love that vintage organ and keys sound, it's just so right. A new addition tonight (well, new to me) was Mitch Pike on drums,  I felt Mitch certainly brought a different energy to the mix (that's not to say previous drummer Connor wasn't good, just different), a more powerful, heavier driving beat, a bit metal, not heavy mind, just more 'rock'! Together with Wihll Muellorz on bass they created a solid rhythm section, Wihll, like other bassists makes bass look effortless, of course it can't be. Mitch's drumming seemed to have Terence Waldstradt rocking it a bit heavier than usual too. Not that Terence's noodling doesn't hit the spot anyway, it just felt a touch rockier than when we've previously seen the band. In fact a few of the numbers seemed rockier in places. No complaint, mind, the Magic Bus brought it. Of course, weaving in and out through all the tracks, dancing like joyfully butterflies, was Viv Goodwin-Darke's magical flute. Like organ, I love a bit of flute and together, well, they're made for each other aren't they. Add it to the mix and you had all the ingredients for some tasty musical bliss. Their set tonight was a mixture of favourites with a liberal sprinkling of new tracks off their forthcoming third album due out in a couple of months (includes a vinyl release), I for one am looking forward to it. The new tracks sounded great, and were all well received by the audience to loud applause, as were all the tracks, the room was filled, everybody having a blast, lots of folk up dancing.  Gigs never last long enough, (well that's not true, I saw Busted and McFly once) tonight was no exception. Great performance from a band you always come away happy and a bit floaty from. They're a lovely folk too are Magic Bus, friendly and happy to chat. Top night, cheers. Check out their albums especially 'Transmissions from Sogmore's Garden', a great listen (if you like it you can buy it here, always try and support the artists if you can).

Ah, and The King Arthur, our not so local local. We were remarking on such this evening, even though it's the best part of 4.5 hour round trip, we're there so frequently for gigs it feels like our local, there's no other establishment we visit as regularly or feel drawn to. The staff are friendly and welcoming, the clientèle equally so, the atmosphere is conducive to good times and the sound here is always on the button.  If you're in Glastonbury and in need of a drink (or food, they do food too), you'd be remiss not to visit. 

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