Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Spreading Oak

For the first time this Autumn, Jack Frost's been abroad, a thin dusting at dawn showed testament to his presence and labours. Jack's been lurking amongst the shadows and you've been able to feel his proximity in the shaded woodland for some weeks now. By mid day though the Autumnal Sun has warmed the open heathland of Windy Stonard and Fritham Plain; Jack's been temporarily thwarted, until night fall anyway. Atop the plain stands the 'Spreading Oak', an ancient Oak tree, some 300 years old; large strong boughs protrude from a huge solid trunk. Young Holly trees cluster around its periphery, half in Sun, half in shade, the best of both worlds; their presence creating an enclosed space, a natural great hall. A wondrous and magical Leviathan of a tree.

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