Sunday, 10 October 2010

Old enclosure Autumn

Even though Autumn is well entrenched in the feel, the smell and the sounds of the woodland, the Sun still shines valiantly on and although greatly diminished by increased distance, the rays which break through the browning canopy are warm, and welcomed. The Old enclosure feels like an empty cathedral, the canopy overhead rustles gently in a light breeze, loosing the first fallers of the season; dislodged leafs glide through the open spaces, before coming to rest on the woodland floor. The woods exude a sense of satisfaction, they've played their part well, the cycle keeps turning and woodland endures. The transit of the seasons, the journey of the years is nothing new for the mature leviathans inhabiting this space, the Beech, the Oak, the other smaller trees, they've seen it all before, some, hundreds of times before.

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