Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Cumulus clouds float through an azure sky, the air is chill, yet the Sun still has enough strength to warm; the forest heathland still hold plenty or colour. Purple blue Devils Bit Scabious shines the brightest, as although colourful, most of the other colours are now muted ones. Winding Stonard, a flat heathland plain, lays to the south of the former Stoney Cross Airfield and was the site of dispersed airfield buildings; cleared after the sites closure in 1948, the land surface is still peppered with concrete and brick fragments, along with the occasional building foundation and utility access points. A small brown Adder ( Vipera Berus ) suns itself amongst a small mass off World War 2 debris; resembling a dried brown fern frond, flattened for maximum absorption, it enjoyed the fading heat of the weakening Sun. Startled, the 12 inch long viper hisses, strikes out, before swiftly disappearing amidst the concrete and brick voids.

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