Monday, 25 October 2010

South Oakley

Walking through a recently cleared block of South Oakley Enclosure (1853), it strikes me, stood in the late afternoon Sun, that the newly exposed ground below, so long in the shade, is once again experiencing the warmth of sunlight; I well remember this dank path , now transformed. Until recently stands of tall, straight, mature Spruce of some variety stood abouts; relatively recent replacements for formally cleared 1853 Oaks and Beech, now too, gone. The forest is always changing, developing, adapting. They're changing the woodland here by trimming out some of the earlier deciduous woodland, creating lighter, more open spaces, whilst sections of fence are being removed or rerouted unenclosing areas of old woodland. Although even with stock fencing removed, the earlier 1853 boundary remains clearly visible as the linear low broad bank and shallow ditch, earthen demarcation intended. The opening up of the wood will positively impact on woodland species, creating new habitats, new possibilities and niche environments. For now the woodland grows increasingly quiet. As the Sun sinks slowly below Vereley Wood on the horizon, so does the temperature and the forest falls silent.


  1. Sir, I believe you are using the wrong meaning of the word sun. I think you infer the light content not the actual celestial being, so therefore there should be no capital letter.

    Angry of Ayrshire

  2. Bollocks sir! What would a person from Ayrshire even know of the Sun?