Tuesday, 1 August 2017


The wheel appears to turn at lightening speed these days, the seasons rushing past, it's quite alarming really, and now Lughnasadh is with us, already! It's astounding, it only seems like yesterday we stood on the cusp of spring. Now is the time of first harvest, the grain harvest, when we begin to gather in the fruits of our labours, as our plans sown as seeds in spring start to come to fruition (if we're lucky). Some of my plans have come to fruition, others are yet to bear fruit, while others came to nought. This has been a good year on the land, at the allotment the crops keep coming, tomatoes, potatoes, shallots, beans, greens, peppers, fruits and of course courgettes, so many courgettes.  Out in nature the first blackberries are out, apples are bowing their boughs, the nuts are swelling, mushrooms are poking through, and across the countryside the fields of grain stand golden. Fingers crossed, our harvest bounties continue. Lughnasadh blessings y'all.

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