Monday, 3 April 2017

Goat Girl @ The Wedgewood Rooms, 3.4.2017

I read good headlines about Goat Girl, but only the headlines, I made a point of not reading on, nor listening to any of their music. There's something exciting about seeing an unheard band for the first time, the possibilities. I wasn't to be disappointed, Goat Girl were fecking great! Blisteringly paced, short punchy numbers all delivered with energy and gusto, in an indie, garage style; a four piece from the smoke, with a good tight sound.  I heard they were all still teenagers, which is mental, and bodes well for their future, as if they're this good already (and they really were) we can look forward to some proper good shit to come. Each band member was proficient in their art and all had their own unique style and delivery, which made them as much fun to watch as to listen to.  The lead guitarist/vocals had a cool laid back and quirky style of delivery which drew both eye and ear, the drummer was intense, leaning into her kit, giving it a proper thrashing and pulling some top faces, again great for eye and ear, the bassist was solid and already had that air of stoic cool seen in seasoned bassists, I couldn't properly see the other guitarist (too far over) though she sounded good too. I really enjoyed their set, as did the rest of the audience. A nice surprise and certainly a band to keep an eye on.

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