Sunday, 2 April 2017

Bindon Hill to Flowers Barrow

Not a long walk at 9 miles, though a punishing walk as it was virtually all hills. Park in Lulworth, up the steep side Bindon Hill and along it's hogs back ridge with its prehistoric banks and ditches, followed by a descent in to the small bay of Arish Mell where the waste water pipe from Dorset’s atomic energy establishment site at Winfrith, then directly the citadel heights of Flowers Barrow Iron Age Hillfort rose before us, an arduous climb later the payback was glorious views along the Jurassic coast. That was the out route. After a short rest and time to absorb the beauty before us, it was the return route.  Over ancient ramparts and back down to Arish Mell, past the rusting hulks of cobbled together mutant tanks used for target practice, then up the really punishing rise to Bindon. We then turned towards the sea and down the slippery grass slope with its loose tracks to the rocky bay of Mupe.  With it's rock stack, buckled geology and secret smuggler cave (a proper one!), Mupe Bay is straight out of an adventure story.  It's hard going, the coast here is jumbled rocks, some stable, some not. Once up from the bay it's along the coast to Lulworth Cove, with a quick detour to the fossil forest, described as "one of the most complete fossilized forest of any age", now closed to the public due to access problems, still do-able though. Finally Lulworth Cove and back to the car. Lulworth Cove's great, though a tedious walk (as pebbles always are), especially at the end of a walk, and a notorious honey pot, especially on good days. A great walk, taxing, though well worth the inevitable aching to come. 

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