Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Seven to Eternity, Vol. 1 The God of Whispers

Image are really on a roll at the moment, publishing one fantastic title after another. One of their latest is 'Seven to Eternity Vol.1, The God of Whispers' written by Rick Remender (whose current projects I'm absolutely loving), who has created another world, grim and gritty, rich with strange and complex characters and set against a backdrop of magic, paranoia and fear. A world where through granting desires a brutal god king has eyes and ears in every home. A world where not to listen to this god king's offers or accept them will lead to destruction and death. The choices are limited for dying Adam Osidis, head of an outcast family, though that could all change, everything could change. Magic, mysticism and honour run through what could become an epic tale. Rick Remender's writing is stellar, fantastic plot and sub-plots, engaging dialogue and it travels at a good pace too. Jerome Opeña's artwork is just bloody lovely! Detailed, expressive, emotive, really nice lines, man. And, the colouring by Matt Hollingsworth  brings it all to vivid life, he's used his pallet to great effect. All round Seven to Eternity Vol.1, The God of Whispers is outstanding in every aspect.

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