Friday, 3 February 2017

Renato Jones, The One%, season 1 by Kaare Kyle Andrews

Kaare Kyle Andrews has created a masterpiece, it's just perfect. Beautifully illustrated with stylish line work which is expressive and so compliments the writing, which hits its target square on.  A sidewinder up the tailpipe of the establishment, the One%. Our 'hero' Renato Jones, when a young child, is plucked from one cesspool of corruption and placed duplicitously into another, though quite different cesspool. He learns quickly that everything costs, everything has a price, and he already has a large tab. The One% of the story are that 'One%', you know the ones. They're shown in a less than flattering light, though one that I imagine, in some cases at least, is justified and probably not too far off the truth. We are not human to them. The topics in Kaare's work are pertinent and reflect the growing dissonances in society, inequality is becoming ingrained and the few live like gods, beyond all laws, untouchable. Something needs to be done and Renato Jones has a plan.  I can't say any more for fear of saying too much, read it!  Renato Jones, The One%, is a cracking read, fantastically written and illustrated, a real page turner. I can't wait for season 2.

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