Sunday, 19 June 2016

Brian Jonetown Massacre

We ventured out to the Engine Rooms in Southampton this evening to see the Brian Jonestown Massacre.  I've listen to their music for years after a friend suggested them to me, although had never seen them perform live. Nor, as it happens, had I been to the Engine Rooms, so an evening of all new experiences.

Firstly the Engine Rooms. Located in an industrial estate, it looked just that, an industrial unit as we languished outside in the rain, whilst the security staff slowly admitted only very small groups of punters in at a time. Once inside, the Engine Rooms on the inside was what you'd expect from the industrial unit. That said, the space was well used and laid out.

There was no support this evening as a member of the support band had fallen and broken her leg, bummer. On the bright side, the Brian Jonestown Massacre were rumoured to be playing a longer set, which the crowd were obviously very much looking forward to. I understood the bands live performances can be chequered, patchy and disruptive, even violent at times with audience members trying to wind the band up (sad wankers, why would you do that?), although they'd levelled out in recent years. I hoping for something good. The band began to fill the stage and they were off. Every member of the band are proficient musicians with years of experience, and it showed. It's clear why the Brian Jonestown Massacre are such an influential band, a group of consummate musicians, man, were they tight! From the get go it was top shelf stuff, song after song nailed. It sounds like a clich√©, but every track was a killer, and there was most definitely no filler. And what an astounding back catalogue, and they used that astounding back catalogue to great effect delivering a really fantastic set and a long set too, they played for a good two and a half hours. The Brian Jonestown Massacre gave us an outstanding performance tonight, they all oozed charisma too, particularly Joel the tambourine man, who has a real stage presence.  The whole gig, long as it was, obviously went too fast for the crowds liking, and when the band had left the stage, even the prolonged calls for 'more' from the crowd couldn't bring them back on.  

What a great night, not even the 2 mile walk home in the rain from the train station could dampen my spirit.  A top night all round, and lovely see people I'd not seen in years and years.

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