Thursday, 16 August 2012


Climate change is no respecter of borders, continents, national boundaries mean nothing to this global phenomena, set to change everything. Frequently portrayed as being 'over there', in the past it's been easy for folk to ignore; melting ice caps, deforestation, drought and flood, have tended to happen somewhere else. Though, this year climate change has visited upon us a taste of what's to come. Change has become very tangible; alternate drought and flood, greater frequency of high winds, plant failure, landslides, all have taken their toll much closer to home. The more you look, the more you'll see. For example. This year I've had reason to lament the loss of too many mature trees, 200/300 years old, all healthy, many would would still be standing if it were not for deteriorating climatic conditions; drought and deluge weakening roots tenure and fierce gusts ripping through leafy canopies combined to devastating effect.

Is this to be our punishment? That we should watch the places we love deteriorate, piece by piece, tree by tree, until they're no more.

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