Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Burley sprung

Naked no more, the canopy of Burley Old Enclosure is slowly developing its verdant spring cloak, bit by bit the unhindered vistas through the bare stands retreat as the woodland withdraws from view; born a new in hues of green to be enjoyed by the traveller, in singular seclusion the secret pockets and shaded groves. The crisp leaf litter under foot loudly announces our approach. Deer now spy us from a far, on a rise a white doe watches our passage; white deer are strikingly visible at any time of year, but on closer inspection one, two, four or more regularly coloured companions become visible. Ready to bolt at a moments notice, they're off, concerned at our presence they disappear into the dusk. As evening fills the stands the dusk chorus sings last post for an egg yolk orange sun glimpsed through ancient Beech and Oak retreating below the horizon; all around is movement and noise as the night shift prepares.

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