Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Red Rise Brook saw its first flooding of the season, gorging itself on the recently dispensed waters of life. There's a melancholic air amongst the trees, the damp and drizzle coats everything, the ground underfoot is soft, making arduous walking. The deluge of water has created numerous formidable obstructions, many of the well used stream side trails are unserviceable, with any ideas of traversing the landscape 'as the crow flies' to be abandoned. The increasingly aquatic stream side woodland of Red Rise is testament to the effectiveness of the streams remodeling, returning it to its course of 150 years ago. Woods have become filled with hazards, water filled hollows, frequently disguised with leafs, rejuvenated seasonal gullies and streamlettes; bog woodland. Care must be taken, as many of these hollows could have the potential to swallow whole and breach boots, some could see you wet to the knees! Red Rise Brook races though this scene at a good bore, a impassible obstacle; the main channel easy to locate by the rough bubbling flow. The whole valley floor is becoming impregnable and the stream will rise further yet.

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