Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The smell of Autumn

Deep in the shadowy wood of mature Beech, the swish of a Fallows tail catches the eye, and just as swiftly it disappears again; the transient experience leaves you wondering if you saw it at all. Caught of guard whilst drifting deep in thought, for a moment I'm distracted, too many sounds flood my ears, over loading my senses; the forest is an audio riot of calls and sounds. Gone are the sweet bird song of spring and summer, raucous calls emanate from the canopy, things move noisily, yet unseen amongst the ferns, now browning rapidly. A familiar dank smell fills your nostrils, summer, for what it was worth, has been replaced by Autumn, now fully entrenched. The light rain of late has moistened the leaf litter, softening the sound of your foot steps, making your transit through the woods almost silent, other than the occasional brittle twigs. Suddenly, a fallow Deer jumps over a long fallen Beech, bounding into view only meters away, it stares momentarily and then is gone, disappearing. The sky lightens and although the Sun's not visible, the air warms, filling the air with a sweet damp smell, the smell of Autumn.

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