Saturday, 11 September 2010


A warm Autumn glow, from a diminishing sun floods the woods, every time the traveling clouds allow, casting long shadows through a quiet landscape, before the woodland is once again returned to shade. Colour is saturating the forest, the greens remain so vivid, the developing browns, reds and oranges of Autumn and the purples of the heathland Heathers. Through Red Rise little stirs, although I'm sure that behind this veneer of tranquility the woodland inhabitants are frantically working on their preparations for the coming winter. We did see Deer today, close to Red Rise Brook, the first time for nearly a week; we got close before they were startled by our approach and darted for the cover of the deeper woodland. Evidence of Boletus is everywhere, in familiar locations and those you never imagined, so many, literally hundreds; all are either eaten or gone over. Winking Berries (sloes) are bountiful as are Crab Apples and Haws, whilst still the Blackberries have come to nothing much.

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