Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sweet spot

There are some stretches of the forest streams, some sweet spots, which are different from the others, these places will be unique to the individual; but what they'll all have in common is a perfect mix of features creating an idyllic, idealised picture of what a small woodland stream should be. Just a small amount of rainfall has invigorated the woodland streams, flushing the tired waters from the isolated pools which have endured the recent dry spell; refreshing these tough habitats, life flowed over the exposed gravels again. The water of life. Among the deep pools, covered by lush overhanging foliage, beneath the shaded banks of Red Rise Brook, Brown Trout, some as big as 10 inches, darted away on our approach. Above the bubbling brook, Hover flies massed in such numbers they created the illusion of a distant motor racing track in full swing.

The small amount of rain and fresh life flowing through the streams has given the woodland wild food a boost. Apples on the common, both wild and wild/domestic hybrids are filling out, bowing their boughs. The Blackberry bushes, densely packed along sections of the brook, are covered in fruit, large yet still green, are the focus of myriads of Butterflies, Hover flies, Wasps, Bees and the frightening appearance of a Hornet. Small quantities of Mushrooms have appeared throughout the forest, mainly bracket type, Oyster, Beefsteak and alike. The ground, still being tough and compacted, yields little and allows only a few of the most determined mushrooms through.

All around the march towards Autumn continues, it's tangible, the smell, the feel, the air, all have changed; the wheel turns continually, the cycle of life is never still, everything has its time and a time for everything.

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