Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bramshaw Woods

Even though today was mainly overcast, blanketed in grey cloud, occassionaly the sky cleared allowing the sun to break through. Bramshaw Woods nestled under this blanket, any warmth created, trapped by the cloud, mixed with the residual moisture of recent rains resulting in a sticky, close and humid environment; luckily juxtaposed with this were occasssional light breezes, chill and sharp, stopping the humidity becoming uncomfortable. A walk through Bramshaw is decieving, your mind occupied with the beauty of the vistas about you, it's not until you stop that you register the height of your decended; the woods being on the slopes at the Eastern edge of the centeral high plateau of the forest. An Autumnal feel, is noticably barging into the summer scene, yellowing leafs adorn several trees, particularly the Silver Birch, the bracken too shows signs of the coming season. Still we continue down through the woodland. The woods here have a feeling about them, another juxtaposition, this time between familiarity and unknown. The woodland is damp, rich green moss covers the bases of mature tree trunks, fallen limbs too lay cover in lush moss, whilst ferns crowd the numerous dank gullies which tread thier way amongst the the trees.

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