Sunday, 25 December 2016

The sounds of Christmas

I did well this Christmas for vinyl, some things old, some things new, something orange, some thing blue. A new copy of Pink Floyd's 'Meddle', as mine has always had an awful squeaking noise throughout 'Echoes', and you don't want that. Copies of the Levellers 'Levelling the Land' (double album) and Primal Screams 'Screamadelica' (double album), both of which I'd only ever had on tape, and always wanted on vinyl. Three from the Fruits de mer stable, Us and Them 'Fading within the dwindling sun' (on orange 10inch vinyl), The Honey Pot 'Ascending Scales' (double album different blue discs) and Winkle 26 Fruits de mer compilation (7 inch). And finally, something I wanted, though would never have bought myself, The K Foundation (Kate Bush) 'Before the Dawn' (luxury 4 vinyl disc, plus booklet). I'm a lucky music listener and very grateful. They all sound magnificent.

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