Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Giant tree Clams

The forest was aquatic this morning, so much so we saw some Giant tree Clams basking in the sun which periodically broke through. Being fed by a myriad of glistening brooklets which ran across the heathland and through the stands, Red Rise Brook had escaped its banks to capture any low lying environs. Open ground now lake, dry woodland now akin to Everglades. This situation is fluid though (no pun intended), it's not like wet season proper where it remains inundated for weeks, and on returning an hour later the waters had, for the most part, receded back within the confines of the Brooks banks. We could see where the waters had recently extended much further beyond the point at we saw them, neatly stacked piles of leafs mark the furthest extent of this flooding. The shape of things to come, maybe? 

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