Friday, 29 June 2012

Hedbury Quarry

The Purbeck coastline is synonymous with quality stone, stone which finds itself crafted into important buildings and monuments far from the lashing seas of home. There was a time when men worked seams of the various stone types found here by hand, the stone moved by horse and bout. Now, although many of the quarries have closed and those remaining are found further inland, the cliffs are still pock marked by galleries and quarry sites of old.

Such a quarry site is Hedbury. Hedbury, just East of Seacombe, is similar in size and nature to the quarry just beyond it at Dancing ledge, although a greater area has been reclaimed by grasses. It was here we sought to spend the night wild camping. Bashers set up, a small fire burning in a ad hock fire place, spectacular views, some food, some drink and good friends banter; it doesn't get much better.

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